Calling os commands (snapped or native)

For a tool I am working on, I rely on the output of the juju command. Once I put my snap in strict confinement, this is no longer possible.
Juju is installed from another snap, not sure if I could turn this in a requirement to my advantage, but would like to find a way forward.
Tried to find some clues in the documentation, but they are not clear if this is even possible.

Hi @woutervb, for this you would need a juju-control interface or some such, and the juju snap to implement it as a slot.

That would mean submitting a proposal for such an interface to the snapd project first.

Another option if you want juju shipped in your snap, you could use stage-snaps in your snapcraft.yaml to include the juju snap in your snap. You would still probably need classic confinement for your snap, as I’m not sure what things juju needs to do that justifies juju being in a classic snap to begin with.