Call for testing: tably

Hey everybody! So the Tably snap has been built, and you all are welcome to test it out!

To install, open the terminal and run

sudo snap install tably-snap 

Then type

tably-snap.tably [args]

To use the application.

For example:

tably examples/example1.csv

Will output to the console

% \usepackage{booktabs} % move this to preamble and uncomment

        Name & Qty & Price per kg & Price \\
        Apples & 10.2 & 5 & 51.0 \\
        Bananas & 7.3 & 11 & 80.3 \\
        Cherries & 5.7 & 30 & 171.0 \\
        Dates & 3.5 & 90 & 315.0 \\
        Eggs & 6.4 & 2 & 12.8 \\

Which can be copied to an existing LaTeX document, or with further arguments, can be output a pdf. Type in

tably-snap.tably -h

For further assistance

The link to the github repository is here, for all those who’d like to contribute or make suggestions:



Hi there! After looking your repo, I see that you have released the snap to stable. Please update the install instructions to sudo snap install tably-snap . Also you say to run the command tably which is not found. Please change it to tably-snap.tably Also I made a PR in your repo @elopio what about you? Am I right?


Thanks so much for your contributions!

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