Call for testing: Subsurface

Hi all,

For any and all divers out there, you might know that Linux was first created so that Linus could run his diving log app on it ;). Subsurface has since moved out of his maintainership but is still an active project with desktop and mobile versions.

It allows you to plan dives as well as download your dive logs from a broad spectrum of diving computers.

I spent the past few evenings snapping the newly released version (which is not available for bionic just yet) and it seems to be working well.

The latest v4.7.8 release is available in the candidate channel:

snap install subsurface --candidate

While the edge channel has the latest code from master:

snap install subsurface --edge

I don’t have my dive computer with me at the moment so can’t test that part right now, would love to hear your luck.

To use a Bluetooth connection to your computer, connect subsurface to bluez:

snap connect subsurface:bluez
To use a USB or serial connection, while we wait for [hotplug support](, you'll need to use `devmode`:
snap install subsurface --devmode

(see below)

Enjoy! All feedback welcome!


I submitted the snapcraft.yaml upstream, hopefully this will become the preferred way to install the subsurface snap across Linux distributions.

You can now use Subsurface built with the core18 base, supporting Bluetooth Low Energy devices. devmode will no longer be required for USB-connected computers. The next release (2.33, already in beta) of snapd will include that fix.

To try it all out:

snap refresh core --beta
snap install subsurface --candidate
snap connect subsurface:raw-usb  # for USB computers
snap connect subsurface:bluez    # for Bluetooth computers

The revised pull request is here.

The snap is now published in the stable channel:

And merged to subsurface master.

For now built from a Launchpad import, we’ll move it to when it supports core18.

And we now have auto-connection for the bluez and raw-usb interfaces. \o/