Call for testing: Snapcraft 7.4.0

Hello Snapcrafters, the team has tagged 7.4.0 and made it available on the candidate channel on 2023-05-19T03:00:00Z; for those consuming from the candidate channel, you should be on it already. For those that want to test, you can switch by running:

snap refresh snapcraft --channel 7.x/candidate

An upcoming point release is going to be made to this candidate channel to fix the riscv64 build and to use one of the latest Craft Parts point releases.

There are raw changelog notes available on

We appreciate the feedback.

The tentative date for promoting to stable is 2023-06-06T03:00:00Z.

This is the last feature release on for the 7 line; the next release 8.0.0 will be removing support for core18 as it enters ESM; ensure Snapcraft is installed or refreshed from the 7.x track if you require support for core18,


Some might be wondering what is up with the release, some regressions were found around overriding which are being addressed for which we have extended the call for testing with a new release date of 2023-06-15T03:00:00Z

This has now been released to stable!

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