Call for testing: Snapcraft 4.0 point release

Snapcraft 4.0.5 is on the candidate channel, with particular fixes for:

  • catkin-tools, it is now properly loaded.
  • local plugins, that are not documented but used to work, now work again with a warning.

This point release is of interest to @kyrofa, @philberg and @prex

Full notes are on the Release page

To clarify, local plugins aren’t deprecated, right? It was just the annoying x- prefix that used to be required broke?

Correct, the “undocumented local plugin format” might read better.

Can confirm the fix works with

Legacy plugin name detected, please rename the plugin's file name '' to ''.
Loaded local plugin for openresty


Would it also not be advised mentioning to change the plugin to inherit from PluginV1 (per Snapcraft 4.0.4: failed to load plugin)?

Thanks, works again.

Snapcraft 4.0.5 is no on stable