Call for testing: snapcraft 3.4


Hello Snapcrafters! The Snapcraft team is delighted to announce that version 3.4 is now available.

These are the release notes.

The snapcraft snap for 3.4 currently available in the candidate channel, to try it out run:

$ sudo snap install --candidate --classic snapcraft

Of, if you already have it installed, to try it out run:

$ sudo snap refresh --candidate snapcraft

Feedback is more than welcome!


Ran a whole ton of snaps through 3.4 and didn’t see any 3.4 specific issues.


Tested snaps:

  • Filezilla
    stage-snaps, core18, command-chain, adopt-info


This release has reached the stable channel


Is there any plan to support the lxd provider on arm64? When installing snapcraft on arm64, I can’t use multipass because our linux-raspi kernel doesn’t include the right kernel config to enable kvm support, so I’m trying to build with lxd and that doesn’t work because snapcraft can’t find the minimal cloud images for arm64, so I’m wondering if a fallback could be implemented for other architectures that uses the default ubuntu:18.04 images that work fine with lxd on arm64?

Example output:

ubuntu@ubuntu:~/project$ snapcraft --use-lxd
Using 'snap/snapcraft.yaml': Project assets will be searched for from the 'snap' directory.
The LXD provider is offered as a technology preview for early adopters.
The command line interface, container names or lifecycle handling may change in upcoming releases.
Launching a container.
An error occurred with the instance when trying to launch with 'LXD': The requested image couldn't be found.
Ensure that 'LXD' is setup correctly and try again.
ubuntu@ubuntu:~/project$ lxc launch ubuntu:16.04
Creating the container
Container name is: fluent-locust
Starting fluent-locust
ubuntu@ubuntu:~/project$ arch


We will soonish-ly be aligned with the launchpad buildds and use similar images to what they use, but we will not fallback to using full fledged images, I guess at that point you are better creating a container and using --destructive-mode in that container.


So I assume that since launchpad buildd works with arm64, that also means that the lxd images (wherever they come from) will also have an arm64 variant. That’s good enough for me.

And also, yes in the meantime I just used destructive-mode in a manually created lxd container.