Call for testing Signal Desktop


Ah! I have never tested it under wayland. I will have a go next week. Thanks!


I just found out that snap completely broke in the meantime (I get errors like “/snap/signal-desktop/55/bin/desktop-launch: line 23: /home/ferdi/.config/user-dirs.dirs: Permission denied” for all my snaps now) so I will check if the problem maybe goes away when I find a fix for that.


Like discord, I can’t use fcitx input. Perhaps the same solution can be used?


So this snap is not wokring on wayland ??

That could be advertize so that we (users) don’t try to install it and don’t understand why nothing is showing up.


The --start-in-tray option is not functional in the snap. It does work properly in the flatpak.


@LanceHaverkamp Thanks for letting me know, I’ll look into it!