Call for testing: quassel snap

Some time ago I contributed snap packaging to the Quassel IRC project, a client with a Qt GUI and the unique ability to connect to a core on a server acting as a smart IRC proxy. I updated the snap to include the Qt5 GUI in addition to the server so both can be installed from one snap.

snap install --beta quassel-kalikiana

Note that this is also based on the unstable Quassel 0.13 unlike the existing snap in the stable channel.

My PR is still waiting on upstream review

Any feedback is welcome!

beta version works great for me.

I still can’t seem to get links to open on click though…

In the cli I get: Launch failed (/usr/bin/xdg-open <link>)
Whenever I try to click on one, only copying link and opening in browser works

This should help:
sudo apt install snapd-xdg-open

(might require a re-login)

Installed and rebooted. No help :confused:

This is weird, what kind of desktop are you using ?

It should definitely work on all the common ones that start session dbus (the package simply installs a session bus listener that listens for xdg requests from inside the snap (for http and https links at least) and forwards that to the normal xdg-open program on the host machine).

Was xdg-utils installed along with your desktop ?

Upgraded to artful. Using gnome-wayland. I guess that is probably the culprit…

Yes xdg-utils is installed.

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Yeah, that could be it …

I was setting this up for myself anyway - So I’ll use it as my primary and get back to you with any issues.

Quick Q: Is this the expected behaviour? The app would not launch, so I tried from the CLI and received:

You need to connect the ubuntu-app-platform package with your application 
to reuse shared assets, please run:
snap install ubuntu-app-platform
snap connect quassel-kalikiana:platform ubuntu-app-platform:platform

EDIT - Disregard - I never installed from the beta channel. Corrected.

Spoke too soon. The nick list will not populate. And the themes do not work either. I then installed via APT, and the nick list did work as expected. As did themes. Confirmed on two machines. Ubuntu Budgie, one with the Budgie Desktop and one with i3.

nick list did not work for me on first run. But after closing and reopening the app, it worked. Haven’t tried themes.

I tried the close / reopen a few times. And as for theme - meaning the app was not using my system theme at all (Gray interface, etc. ). Still, the issues persist for me.

System theming doesn’t work for me either, but that’s because I don’t use Ambiance or Radiance… snapd doesn’t provide any access to the system theme, those two just come with the desktop part by default.

Are you getting any errors at startup? I’ve not problems with the nick list…

any reason to not at least force one of those two then (until snapd provides the feature to use the actual system themes) ? so you dont have the UI in win95 style by default ?

Any suggestions how to do that?

Well, how would quassel do it if you selected one of them in the config … ?
I assume by setting a config option …
Make your package ship with a default config that uses one of the themes …

You can’t select themes, only engines.