Call for testing: pypi-server snap v1.5.0

Hello there snapcrafting community! I have just published this new snap to the beta channel on the store:

pypi-server is an application for hosting your own private Python package repositories. It supports multiple Python package formats such as egg, wheel, and sdist, and you can use a variety of methods to upload and/or download packages. Here’s some commands to get started:

# To start server on your system
$ sudo snap install pypi-server --beta
$ mkdir -p ~/packages  #=> Copy over some built packages
$ pypi-server run -p 8080 ~/packages &

# To install packages from the server
$ pip install --extra-index-url http://localhost:8080 <pkg name>

If you’re more of a power-user or looking for more advanced functionality, feel free to read through pypiserver’s official documentation here.

I am going to keep the call for testing open for a week (closing 14/9/2022) to provide enough time to address any major issues with the snap package. Questions, feature requests, enhancements, etc should be opened as issues on the snap package repository here. Happy snapping!


Since no issues have been reported, pypi-server has been promoted to stable.

If you are interested in “servicizing” the snap, you can get a systemd service file that I wrote here. Thanks to everyone who tested the package!