Call for testing: Nextcloud snap v11.0.3snap2

Hey there everyone.

This is a cross-post from the Nextcloud forums. We’re getting ready to release a new version of the Nextcloud snap with a few new features, including

  • Supporting changing ports from the default 80/443.
  • Supporting Samba shares.

We’d love this new version (particularly these new features) to get some exercise before we release it. Feel like helping? We’ve put together some smoke tests to get you started:

Please test all you can, but if you only have time to focus on the smoke tests covering the new features, that would still be very useful. Thank you!

Let me know if you have any questions.


Found one issue: the candidate doesn’t install on lxc if it’s done via a refresh:

If that can’t be resolved soon we’ll have to remove the port changing capability from this release.

We removed the port changing capability from this release. We’ll have to wait until LP: #1690906 is fixed before we re-introduce.

We also had to remove the samba feature as it broke things on armhf (and potentially other architectures). Thanks to devz3r0 for testing and logging the issue!

v11.0.3snap2-rc2 is building with the changes, and will be released into the candidate channel as soon as it’s done. That makes this purely a security release, with the following changelog:

v 11.0.3snap2
  - redis: upgrade to 3.2.8
  - apache: remove weak 3DES SSL algorithms
  - ci: don't verify checksum for daily builds

Thanks to all the testers! We’ve released v11.0.3snap2 with the smaller feature set: everyone should automatically update shortly.