Call for testing: mir-kiosk 2.3.3

Call for testing

There’s a new build of the mir-kiosk snap based on the latest release of Mir (Mir-2.3.3) detailed here:

To test, just switch to the candidate channel:

 snap refresh --candidate mir-kiosk

And use as normal. Please let us know any results here.

If no problems are identified we aim to promote to stable in a week.

What’s new?

A bug in pointer confinement (which was enabled by default in Mir 2.3) has been fixed.

Applications that registered for relative pointer movement events would not get the default pointer movement events. Most applications that registered for relative movement also lock the pointer which correctly prevents movement events so this went unnoticed.

In practice, only some client snaps using Xwayland seem to have been affected by this.