Call for testing: Mattermost Desktop 3.7.1



Mattermost is an open source, private cloud Slack-alternative

How to install

If you already have Mattermost Desktop:

sudo snap refresh mattermost-desktop --edge

If you don’t:

sudo snap install mattermost-desktop --edge

Requested Setups


Specific tests

  • Smoketest (does the app launch?)
  • Does it work without snapd-xdg-open?
  • General testing - someone here familiar with this app?
  • The documentation site could be useful for those who have time and are happy to get more familiar with the software


Ubuntu 17.10

Smoketest (does the app launch?)


Does it work without snapd-xdg-open?

Opening an URL works. Opening a mailto: link doesn’t do anything.

General testing - someone here familiar with this app?

Yes, I’ll use it for the next few days and report back if I find more issues.

Further issues

  • No Launcher icon


  • app doesn’t close when you click the ‘x’ button (good) but it doesn’t close either when you right-click the desktop icon and choose “quit”. For some reason I expect that to actually stop the application. Choosing File>Quit in the menu does actually close the application. (good)

  • “Start app on login” setting doesn’t work.


That sounds like a general snapd bug? Could you make a new thread under #snapd and ask? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the testing you’ve done and the testing you will do! Once you’ve run it for a while and picked up bugs could you try going back to the stable snap (sudo snap refresh mattermost-desktop --stable) and seeing if the bugs exist there or not so we can find out which bugs are regressions?


All the bugs are still present in the previous version.

For me the most annoying bug is that there’s no desktop icon.

I must say, testing this stuff with snaps is incredibly easy! So handy that you can go back and forth between channels at will…