Call for testing: MAAS snap

The MAAS team is happy to announce the availability of the MAAS snap, making it easier and more efficient to deliver and configure MAAS, without changing your underlying OS.

The MAAS snap is currently available in ‘devmode’ as it cannot yet be fully confined. MAAS is currently available in the following channels:
MAAS 2.2 - available in the stable channel.
MAAS trunk - available in the edge channel.

I have created a blog post about the snap experience for using the MAAS snap. Give it a read to get a better understanding on how it works. Blog post

Providing feedback & reporting bugs
Since this is the first snap release, we would like your feedback! Please file bugs in on and prepend the bug report with “[snap]”.


That is awesome! Good work!

Can we get this building for armhf so I can run this on my rpi3?