Call for testing: liferea

After a lot of help of incredible people in this forum I have a working a (beta) snap for liferea.

For those who doesn’t know, liferea is a RSS news reader in GTK3. I have used it for many years and I do it because I love it. I am trying to contact the author so he can use my work and publish next versions (if hi wants)


snap install --beta liferea


You can run it from the command line

snap run liferea

o from the menu looking for lifera

The snapcraft.yaml

The repository with the snapcraft.yaml file (and the todo-list for snapcrafters) is

Any help is appreciated

So if you know liferea or you are looking for a RSS reader, give it a try!!! And if you find a bug, please tell me.

The mandatory screenshot


I love it too, it my go to RSS reader. I have two systems, one is Ubuntu 20.04 and the other Kubuntu 20.04.
The snap version seems to be missing plugins option. Any plan to add that? Also on KDE it is using Adwaita icon theme, it would be great if it used Breeze.

I noticed that yesterday (the lack of plugins) I am working on fixing it. I have some plugins working. The problem is that with plugins the snap will grow from 1.7m to almost 50m. It pulls the python plugin system (with parts of x11). It even needs git to pull plugins from internet.

If everything goes well it will be working this week. (doing this in my spare time. Also I have two kids and we are in quarantine)

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No problem. I am glad you are doing this, and will help out testing in any way possible.

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So, the new beta version has working plugins YEAH!!!

Still, downloading plugins still does not work.

Also, liferea-add-feed almost works :wink:

Please, test plugins…

I enable and disabled a few plugins, and they work fine. I have not tried this on my Kubuntu system yet to see if it uses Breeze icon theme. I will do so later tonight. I was able to use my news source as well, that worked just fine.

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Glad to hear that! I use the bold plugin and the notify plugin

About the themes, I know it work well with the default themes. But maybe snaps do not work with other themes. Maybe @popey can enlighten us

I think, I have to make sure between the deb version and this snap version, it seems to be ignoring my input on update frequency. It seems to be updating the feeds more than I want it it.

It does not use the .deb version config files, so is using the default update frequency…

I wonder if you have to bundle in the breeze icon set with the snap package. Is there a way to do that, similar to the way you bundled in the plugins?

bundle icons? I dont think bundling them is the right way to do it… Icons are not fully solved in snaps.

Gotcha, any word from @popey?

Hi @motang

I fixed the plugins (the online plugins installer)

The details here. Call for testing: liferea (again)

If you want to test it, I will be very grateful

Hi Everyone

I published Liferea in the stable channel!

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