Call for testing: Guvcview (based on core18)

I would like to announce a call of testing for the core18 base guvcview snap. GTK+ UVC Viewer is a simple v4l2 full-featured video grabber.

How to install

# Install the snap package
sudo snap install --channel=beta guvcview

# For capturing photo and video to `/mnt` or `/media`
sudo snap connect guvcview:removable-media

# Enable the "H264 Controls" tab, for the webcams that support H.264 hardware encoding
sudo snap connect guvcview:hardware-observe

What to test

  • Can you properly launch the application?
  • Can you properly capture a photo with the application?
  • Can you properly capture a video with the application?
  • If you have non-AMD64 hardware, can you properly launch the application on it?
  • Do you notice any problems during running the application?

How to contribute

Here’s the source repository of the snap: