Call for testing: Darktable v2.2.5snap2

Hey everyone.

To anyone who was annoyed by the fact that you couldn’t do lens corrections in the Darktable snap: that’s fixed in the next release, v2.2.5snap2. Please give v2.2.5snap2-rc1 a test to make sure, it’s in the candidate channel:

$ sudo snap install --candidate darktable-kyrofa

If you’re a photographer, particularly if you have some experience using Darktable, or even if you just want to poke at it, I’d love some help putting it through its paces! Please let me know if you run into any issues.

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Thanks for fixing that! Will test it tonight.

I still see the same issue that we observe in stable.

For example:

Clicking on NO-LENS when using a functioning darktable shows a list of lens options to choose from (out of liblensfun0), but in the snap it seems missing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hmm… this is what I see after installing from candidate:


Clicking on the lens shows a dropdown as expected, etc. Can I see the revision you’re using?

Went and tested on my wife’s computer as well, where I see this:

Screenshot from 2017-10-24 08-07-16

Our new camera is a little too new for the lensfun database, so it doesn’t show up, but the lens is properly detected. I can also hit the camera dropdown and select an earlier version of our camera, and things work as expected.

I think I’m using the latest. See below.

Still, no go. I’ve even tried to remove its directory under ~/snap but no luck.

% snap info darktable-kyrofa
tracking:    candidate
installed:   2.2.5snap2-rc1 (36) 83MB -
refreshed:   2017-10-23 18:31:05 -0200 BRST
  stable:    2.2.5snap1     (34) 79MB -
  candidate: 2.2.5snap2-rc1 (36) 83MB -
  beta:      2.2.5snap2-rc1 (36) 83MB -
  edge:      2.2.5snap2-rc1 (36) 83MB -

Indeed, that looks fine.

Something odd about your screenshot: this is what mine looks like on the current stable:

Note that yours has a big fat NO-LENS, but mine was still properly detected (since that comes from exif, not the lens database). But the Darktable deb detects your lens properly? Same image being tested?

Also, a quick sanity check: I find the down arrows on the selections don’t work very reliably, and one often needs to actually select the text in the box instead. Any chance that’s biting you?

Indeed it was my mistake, sorry.

It wasn’t about the big fat text… that’s normal when the lens isn’t detected for a particular image. The issue is that I had to click on the empty box above the NO-LENS (also empty in your image) and pick up a camera before I had access to the lens database on the combo below.I thought the deb wasn’t like that, but my memory must be failing me.

Either way, the snap does work fine now. Thank you!

Things seem to be working quite well in terms of editing existing images. I don’t have a camera to connect to my system but it seems as though that’s not really a problem, referencing the discussion so far.

If you need me to, I’ll keep poking around in the snap to see if anything happens out of the ordinary but as it is, my initial impressions are all good.

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You can try posting to discord. There are a lot of open source photography enthusiasts there, some of them using Ubuntu or other snap-compatible distros, so it might be good to have a more in-depth feedback :slight_smile:


Hi! Will there be opencl support in darktable? Thx for packaging this.

Thanks for the ping about, you’re right, I should be posting over there. I’ll do that for the next release.

@extraymond I’m afraid I’m not a Darktable maintainer-- I can’t speak to its roadmap.

Alright, thanks everyone! This has been released to stable.

I believe opencl was enabled in darktable for awhile. I’m asking because it’s not enabled in the snap version.
Where in blender, the snap version still have the opencl option.