Call for testing: chromium-browser deb to snap transition

Spawning a sleep 60 every minute is not normal why does it needs that?

Where can i find the answer of this question?

It’s explained in the bug that @oSoMoN linked to The process looks for a change in the chromium snap current symlink and then alerts users when the snap has been refreshed while running.

so there is no solution to this and the guys chose “this is not a bug, this is a feature” approach.

no, its a UX tradeoff for security and they are obviously looking for fixes/workaround in that thread (making all apps properly share files through the Downloads folder etc)… you make it sound like the problem has been completely ignored …

Almost three years passed, but nothing came up. Why there is just no interface for using file system there you can explicit set which places snap can look in? User themes and icons are broken for same reasons too. So I have to pack my icons and theme as a snap package and manually connect it for all of snaps. Really? May be this is the wrong place, but I am really fucked up about it since canonical dropped chromium deb packaging.

well, there was an internal developer sprint last week where there was another session around shared /tmp … but since there is a properly usable workaround to share files through ~/Downloads it is simply not high prio … so it will be worked on once someone has time and the more pressing and more serious issues are off the plate … the issue is known and typically we dont “just forget” about such stuff …

if you want to speed it up, propose something … make a PR, etc … the snapd source is at:

please tame your tone, we try to keep this forum family friendly …

Just noticed the following with Chromium Snap shipping on Ubuntu 20.04 - when creating WebApps (via menu -> More tools -> Create shortcut), the .desktop file generated links to the specific Chromium Snap version used. Therefor, as soon as a new Chromium Snap version is released and the old one is purged from the system, all WebApps break. A workaround is to edit all .desktop files and replace the explicit version with current, but the user has to repeat this for every .desktop file. Ideally, Chromium Snap should by default create .desktop files which link to current automagically. See for more info.


There are 2 “open a new window” menu entries in dock on right click on ubuntu 20.04.


I can confirm, but this is not a regression in 20.04. The chromium-browser package in 18.04 shows the same. This is because the first entry is automatically added by the dock for all pinned apps, whereas the next 3 entries are defined in the desktop file for chromium.

I have tested adding a NotShowIn=GNOME stanza for that specific entry in the desktop file, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

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Is it possible that this is a snap thing? Due to lack of chromium browser in repositories, I just compared 20.04 ubuntu deb and snap versions of firefox. The same problems - snap has a redundant menu entry for new window.

Hi, out of snap apps could not start any more. Spotify or Zoom have client apps and xdg-open can not start them any more. Is there a workaround please ? An ability to facilitate migration.

May 18 10:10:00 hostname chromium_chromium.desktop[1293869]: user-open error: Supplied URL scheme “spotify” is not allowed

It seems the same problem exist with Firefox :

No, this is not snap-specific. I tested in 18.04 with the chromium-browser deb, and it is similarly affected.

This is a known problem in snapd, and unfortunately there is currently no easy workaround.

Yes, thank you for the link. I followed the link you mentioned. deb beta version of snapd or rebuilding my own snapd did not success to solve confinement on my Ubuntu 20.04.