Call for testing: BlueJ/Greenfoot

I’ve created a snap for BlueJ and Greenfoot (which is basically BlueJ with an extension).
I tested both on Ubuntu 20.04, but it would be nice if someone else tested it too. I happily accept recommendations and corrections!

The snaps can be installed by snap install --beta bluej respectivly snap install --beta greenfoot.


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Here are the links to Greenfoot:

BlueJ is working fine. I want to modify class templates but I am not able to locate the file (<BLUEJ_HOME>/lib//templates/newclass). Can you give me some pointers to proceed?

Nice to hear that BlueJ is working fine.
Sadly its not possible to modify BlueJ’s files (including the class template) as snaps have a read-only file system. You would have to rebuild the snap to change the template.
For reference, the “BlueJ home” is located under /snap/bluej/current/usr/share/bluej/

How to build the BlueJ snap
You need to have git and snapcraft installed
git clone
cd bluej-snap