Call for testing Added snap support to jumpfm


Hi !
I added snap support for jumpfm (
My github repo:
JumpFm is a cross platform1,2 dual panel file manager with builtin superpowers. A file manager that lets you jump.

I edited the package.json file to add the snap and deb to the linux target. Also updated the electron-builder version. Please see the PR that I made which contains the edited package.json (
After cloning the repository and using this edited package.json we have to run the following command:
npm install
npm run dist
This will create a snap in the dist folder. Install it by sudo snap install dist/<snap> --dangerous.

Now finally run the snap from the application launcher or by typing this in the terminal snap run jumpfm

Please tell me the errors you face while building, installing, or running the snap. Thanks!
Pull request:


Can you push the snap onto the store? I think it would be easier for people to download and test it.