Call for test: ripgrep

Hey snapcrafters, @kyrofa and @elopio!
The snap for ripgrep has been built and you all are welcome to test it out.

To install the snap, run the following command in terminal

sudo snap install rg-ripgrep --edge --devmode

Then use the following commands with the additional params to run ripgrep
rg-ripgrep [args]

Follow the documentation available here for more info : Ripgrep Docs

Let me know if you come across any issues!

Thank you!

Thanks @elopio for pointing out my mistake. I have updated the command with the flag.


Thank you Simram!

On the install instructions you are missing the --devmode flag. Please edit your post so future testers get the right command. I gave it a quick try, and it works nicely for me :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I wanted to try ripgrep before, now I finally got to try it :slight_smile: Works fine here so far and it seems to be a really handy grep replacement too.

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I am glad it’s working fine.

Thanks for testing it :slight_smile:

How does this compare to the snap just called rg?

FWIW I’ve been using that snap for several months without any problems.

This one also works well for me too :slight_smile:


Oh, I was following the google code-in sheet.
Thus, made the snap.

Yes, this is the same ripgrep!


It would be great if the snap is transferred to snapcrafters, and you and @domas contribute maintaining it until upstream adopts it.

How can I apply for that ?
Transferring the snap to snapcrafters ?

Yes, but first talk to @domas so you two agree on which of the snaps to use, and drop the other.

Oh no, does anyone know what issues he’s talking about specifically? o.O


I do get the issue that bug was originally reported for when I try it now.