Call for Suggestions: Featured snaps Friday 25th September 2020

As per Crowdsourcing featured applications - proposal - we’re kicking off this process in readiness for updating the featured applications on Friday.

On Friday 25th September we will update the Featured section with new/different apps.

Please reply below with suggestions for applications we will consider for inclusion. Applications should be:

  • Available in the Snap Store stable channel (as users will expect low-risk from featured apps)
  • Limited to 3 suggestions per respondent below (to reduce spamming)
  • Your own or another person’s application (i.e. suggestions aren’t limited to the publisher)
  • Skewed towards desktop applications/games (because most people are using this to install on their desktop/laptop)

Feel free to discuss the suggestions in a respectful way below, also. :slight_smile:


Tauon Music Box
Amazing music player for people who like to organize their music in folders

Best video cutter I’ve tried

Share mouse and keyboard over local network
(on my list to try, so I don’t know how good it is)


Frantic FPS. Also functions as a convenient way to run a dedicated server on a VPS.

Make pewpewpew noises

A bit of self-promotion, with roguelike elements


Install scrcpy for Linux using the Snap Store | Snapcraft
Handy for Android OS demonstrations.

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1- Chromium
2- VS Code
3- Node.js
4- IntelliJ IDEA Community
5- LibreOffice

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  • htop
  1. VS Code
  2. Android Studio
  3. OnlyOffice

If CLI snaps are considered:

  1. Heroku
  2. Nodejs (have some drawbacks yet, related to global dependencies. fix them please!)
  3. Node-RED (may be)
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I Vote for htop :slight_smile:

  • Warzone 2100, a free and open-source RTS (single-player campaign, local skirmish vs AI bots, LAN play, online multiplayer)

We’ve recently done some extra work to make the Snap experience even nicer (auto-downloading a content snap for the campaign video sequences, as one example).


I’d throw a shout for Joplin via joplin-james-carroll package.

Joplin is a cross platform (Desktop & Mobile) libre licensed notetaking application. It’s professional quality and stands up amongst its peers very well. It supports E2E encryption on the users own selected sync platforms (Dropbox/OneDrive/WebDAV/etc) so fits itself well to the privacy minded Linux community, and has had several months of testing in the snap packaging. It’s no surprise that it’s finding itself as one of the more renowned options for notetaking applications, but I’m sure there’s plenty who are yet to be exposed to it who might benefit.


I would like to suggest my own apps which are exclusively available via snap store and are OpenSource :

  • Glate - Google Translator and TTS (4.5 stars user rating in-store and Opensource) [Github]

  • ColorPicker - (5 star user rating in-store and Opensource) [Github]

  • Plumber - Online/Offline media trimming/cropping tool (Opensource) [Github]

More apps soon, Thanks :slight_smile:



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  • Mailspring: email client with great outlook support
  • KeepassXC: keepass-compatible password manager which recently got a UI update
  • Foliate: beautiful ebook reader
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  1. Firefox
  2. Barrier
  3. Telegram
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Thanks everyone. I’ve submitted the applications for this week! See you all next time! :smiley: