Call for playing ... ehm ... testing NXEngine-evo v0.6.5 (Cave Story)


a new version of NXEngine-evo has been released and I’m preparing the corresponding update for the snap package.

If you have some time to spare, I’d highly appreciate it if you would give it a try!

Note that settings created by v0.6.4 (the previous version) are incompatible with v0.6.5 (the new version). I.e. you will need to setup your keybindings/screen resolution again, unfortunately.

Though, and this is something you should verify, it should still find saves from v0.6.4. More precisely, this should be the case if you’re upgrading from stable you and don’t already have save files created by v0.6.5 or by a development snapshot (e.g. if you use the edge channel).

If you want to test this scenario, first install the latest stable version by running (if you don’t have it installed already):

sudo snap install --stable nxengine-evo

Then run the game and create a save.

To test the new version, run:

sudo snap refresh --candidate nxengine-evo

Then run the game from the terminal:


If you have existing save files from the previous version, you should see a message similar to this:

Detected old settings folder /home/you/snap/nxengine-evo/current/.local/share/nxengine/nxengine-evo.
Copying settings and profiles files to /home/you/snap/nxengine-evo/current/.local/share/nxengine.
Data migration complete.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues or if you have any suggestions on how to improve the snap.

Thanks a lot and have fun!

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To test the Boss Rush mod:

Thanks for sharing. A really nice piece. I’ve enjoyed playing (even a little bit but anyway).

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Thanks for testing! Yeah, Cave Story really is a gem! :slight_smile:

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