Builds failing automated review

We have been having trouble today with builds from failing automated review because of unknown keys in the manifest.yaml file. I think a new version of snapcraft was promoted to stable, and that might be related.

Here is the error message from review:

unknown keys in snap/manifest.yaml: snapcraft-os-release-id,snapcraft-os-release-version-id,snapcraft-version lint-snap-v2_snap_manifest

Is there anything I can do on my side to fix it?


I was going to post something but you beat me to it. :slight_smile:

The issue has to do with an incompatibility between snapcraft 2.43 and the review-tools . This has been fixed in the review-tools, but that fix is not in production yet. To unblock uploads, we’re in the process of downgrading snapcraft to 2.42.1 on the builders to workaround the issue. This workaround should be available shortly and there is nothing you need to do. I’ve also discussed how to detect this sort of problem in the future with the snapcraft team. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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This should be resolved now. The builders are pulling down the downgraded snapcraft. Eg, from the build log:

Get:11 xenial/main ppc64el snapcraft all 2.43+0really2.42.1 [199 kB]

The resulting snap from the above build passed automated review again.

Cc: @cjwatson, @sergiusens and @roadmr


Wonderful! Thanks for the quick fix. It seems to be working for me too.

Here’s a PR that somewhat reflects what we discussed:

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Note 18.04 builders are still affected, so if you build for a base: core18 on 18.04 builders, they fail to upload still.

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I’m building for 18.04 on core16 (“Ubuntu Bionic, for Ubuntu Core 16” on launchpad). Is the keys errors also expected for this combination?


That’s exactly the combination I mentioned, “Ubuntu Core 16” is still the only version out there. When building on 18.04 (“Ubuntu Bionic”), you want base: core18 in your snap/snapcraft.yaml so that the snap sees a 18.04 root filesystem.

And yes, that’s currently broken.

i understood he is building a 4.15 (bionic) kernel targeting core16 (and UbuntuCore16) …

@klebers did you try using a xenial chroot/builder instead of an 18.04 one (or does your kernel build require the 18.04 gcc) ? i think snapcraft was rolled back in the 16.04 builders but not in the 18.04 ones, so if your kernel can build in 16.04 you should get it through by picking a 16.04 build env on launchpad…

@ogra we depend on the gcc and other packages as well from the Bionic chroot to build the 4.15 kernel.

For now our snap update is not urgent, so we can wait for the issue to be solved before trying to work around it.


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Upload of bionic-based kernels on uc16 are now successful, thank you!

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