Building bcm2835 codec manually for core 20 rpi4

Hi, can someone point me please to how it would be best to include this codec manually inside the image?
I am running on our own built image with the branded store for 20. I am getting those crashes when playing videos so I would like to apply this patch -

I am a bit confused on where it can be replaced - kernel or gadget snap?

the sed call is clearly to the kernel driver:


it also looks like it only helps with gst-play and when using the new V4L2 M2M stuff …

but since the patch seems to have made it into the official pi kernel tree already i’d suggest filing a bug at:

so it can be just pulled into the official kernel snap.

Yeah, I am playing the videos with v4l2 + gstreamer here so that should hopefully help. Thanks I will file it.