Building a nodejs snap fails with "are the same file"


I’ve got the following npm-snap

name: inexor-flex
icon: "logo_rendered.png"
version: "0.9.0"
summary: Fast classic gameplay crossed with modern technology.
description: |
    Cooperatively create levels with the built-in map editor.
    Master manic multiplayer matches.
    Made with love, not money.
    It's free and open source.

grade: devel
confinement: devmode

    command: inexor-flex
    plugs: [opengl, pulseaudio, network, network-bind, home, browser-support]

    plugin: nodejs
    node-engine: 7.10.1
      - "@inexorgame/inexor-flex"
      - python
      - build-essential
      - libssl-dev

Which will fail for me with the following reason:

- '/snap-inexor-flex/parts/inexor-flex/install/lib/node_modules/@inexorgame/inexor-flex/node_modules/grpc/node_modules/.bin/semver' and '/snap-inexor-flex/stage/lib/node_modules/@inexorgame/inexor-flex/node_modules/grpc/node_modules/.bin/semver' are the same file

How can I avoid this warning?


For anyone looking for the answer

  • I used OSX with Docker to build the image
  • This is likewise some issue with the underlaying file system
  • I didn’t exactly figure out the issue. Snapping on a Ubuntu 16.04 worked as expected. Zero issues.


Hey @Fohlen, thanks for the report. Sounds like this same issue:

It is marked as fixed. Which docker image did you use?