session expiry issue

I kicked off a manual rebuild of a snap earlier, and then went to grab some coffee. By the time I was looking at it again, my session had expired. When I opened a build detail page (i.e. to get the snap revision published, I was confronted with the “Your session has expired. Reload the page and sign in again.” message. Not a problem, I’ve been gone for a while.

However, when I refresh the page, I continue to get that message. If I click on “Reload the page”, then I end up redirected to and if I go back to the build detail page I’m still not signed in. Whilst I can work around this (by navigating to in a separate tab, and logging in there), this is still a frustrating wart.

Could we look at addressing this?

There’s a handy link to report issues at the bottom of all and pages. Thankfully yours has already been reported at

Thanks for the pointer @popey, I’ll continue this conversation there.