service broken? (does not build amd64 and i386)

At the time of writing it seems that something is wrong with build service - it does not build amd64 and i386 snaps, only armhf is built. Even if I trigger a manual build it only builds armhf.

Please fix.


Update: amd64 and i386 finally built after a 4 hour delay.

It’s likely there was a queue of other things being built ahead of you in the build farm, that’s all.

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Very true. I’m new to the build service and got worried only because I have never experienced such long build delays before (up until now I have only seen a few minutes delay) so I thought maybe something was wrong with these specific architectures.

It would be quite useful if the UI would somehow indicate that it has received a build trigger and that it has queued work pending. I mean, right now there is no indication when there is queued work.