and different source for edge builds


Published snaps to the store via are rebuilt when something changes in the source git repo. I think most stable snaps reference a release tag on github instead of the master branch directly (for example, tag v1.2 for a stable release version).

It makes little sense to push snaps to the edge channel from a fixed github tag, it would make more sense to fetch sources directly from the master branch when it changes. I’m not sure if changes to a master branch trigger a rebuild when a tag is referenced in the source part.

Is there a way to do this? I mean having a snapcraft.yaml for stable builds and another for the edge/beta builds? Is there any syntax support for this inside the same snapcraft.yaml file?

If not, how do common projects handle this? DO they have a snap for stable versions and then another snap for dev versions? Like snapname and snapname-dev?


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