Build.snapcraft doesn't find my snapcraft.yaml from github

So I’ve just registered my github repo with build.snapcraft.yaml.

The repo comes up as registered but ‘not configured’.

My repo is for a java webapp built with maven.
I’ve added a top level directory

  • installer
    • snap
      • snapcraft.yaml

The builder UI states:

This repo needs a snapcraft.yaml file, so that Snapcraft can make it buildable, installable, and runnable.

But provides no guidance on were the snapcraft needs to be.

I’m now woundering that maybe it needs to be in the root directly but this seems just wrong.

So how do I fix this.

Typically we put snapcraft.yaml in snap/ but build can find it in a number of other places including ./ and as ./.snapcraft.yml which matches other tools like travis.

I’ve re-edit this reply as my original post was an answer to another question :<

So the problem is that my git repo holds my entire code base and the snap is just one small part.

I was expecting to be able to tell the bridge server where to find the snap.

But I from what you are saying I need to create a completely separate repo in git hub which just holds the snap.

have I understood this correctly?

no, you just need to move your snap/ directory up to the toplevel (and probably make some adjustments to snapcraft.yaml to make it use the right source dir at build time)