Build service fails with no output

Recently, several snaps that have had updates to upstream code have failed to build. Typically, this will result in some error in the build log associated with said snap. However, now there’s nothing. Literally, there is no log whatsoever. Just a build number and a “failed” next to it. Nothing else.

Manually triggering a new build results in the same thing.

See screenshot:


Any ideas what’s happening? Is there maybe a bug currently?

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Good day! If it looks and smells like a bug, you may want to file it as a bug. There’s a handy link at the bottom of the page to file it over on github. I haven’t seen this issue myself, so it could be something account specific, or a transient problem. Either way, worth filing.

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Thanks @popey, a new issue has been opened. Anyone interested may follow it here:


Looks like it was just an outage.