Build image with OS/snapd/kernel snaps from stable channel

Hi there,

Is there a way to build the image with OS/snapd/kernel snaps from stable channel? I mean to use a specific channel, for example stable, for some snaps but for other snaps, use a different channel, for example edge.

I found “kernel tracking” in snapd’s source code. Is this used for the above feature? Is it only for kernel related snaps?


you can set channels in your model assertion:

here is a model where i mix and mesh various snaps from different channels:

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Thanks @ogra for the helpful tips. :slight_smile:

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@ogra, I’m trying to build an image for uc18 but run into another issue, Ubuntu-image command crashed. If using uc18, is it possible to build image with kernel snaps from stable channel but gadget from edge channel? Thanks. :slight_smile: