Block-devices installation for nvme-cli snap

Hi, I’m working on a snap of nvme-cli which requires privileged access to any and all nvme devices installed on a system. I don’t need auto-connect of block-devices, requesting users to manually connect it is sufficient.

nvme-cli is a cli app for inspecting status of nvme devices installed, and can inspect firmware, or even upload/modify the firmware, etc. as well as report stuff like SMART status, etc.

It would be nice but not necessary to also have auto-connect of system-observe and hardware-observe as those interfaces are also required for usage of nvme-cli.

See also Nvme block-devices support? for some context on supporting this snap properly with block-devices.

The referenced changes to the block-devices interface have been merged, so it would be great if this could be queued up, thanks!

Any chance this could be looked at again? Ping @reviewers

+1 for use of this interface (the requestor didn’t request auto-connect).

@reviewers - can others please vote?

+1 from me too for use-of, but not auto-connect of block-devices for nvme-cli.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against. This is now live. Note the current snap revisions are all rejected so I can’t re-run the automated review. Please either request a manual review or upload another version and it should pass automated review :crossed_fingers:

Thanks folks! I uploaded a new revision and it passed.