Blender 2.91 with Python 3.7 and Ubuntu 20.04 and plugins snap issues

There seems to be a file / files that are missing to get some plugins to work / install when installing the snap version of Blender 2.91 ( From the main Ubuntu repositories / Software Center)
I was wondering if snaps allows installing / giving Blender access to other programs like python3.7

Link / Information / Discussion with Blender:

Robert Guetzkow (rjg)]()
As advised in the Sverchok ticket, I would also suggest to use the non-snap official build of Blender that can be downloaded from . Installing third-party dependencies / modifying the installation with snap is not supported due to being read-only as far as I know.

I’m closing this ticket since this is an issue with how snap works by design and/or the dependencies the third-party add-ons require.