Best way to build snap with bundled assets: images, sounds, fonts etc

With my snap (a C++ SDL2 app) I need to include a few files as assets to be loaded at runtime: some PNG images, fonts, .wav files. So far I was able to accomplish this using “layout” and setting make to copy required files to snap’s DESTDIR folder in make’s install target.

I wonder if this is the best approach and what are the alternatives. I tried adding a separate part using /local and dump as plugin; some sites mention “artifacts” for this - none of this worked for me.

Of course with SDL as a method of last resort I can convert all assets to binary arrays and include directly into application but I would like to avoid this.

Thank you.

Both ways are fine, the dump plugin is surely more elegant than having to maintain a separate Makefile though.

Would be interesting what issues you had with it and get these solved …

As I mentioned, I was able to copy and use app’s assets using “layout”. Here’s the example I used: In this example, CMake copies res/lazy.ttf to /usr/local/bin and then yaml has this part: layout: /usr/local/bin/lazy.ttf: bind-file: $SNAP/usr/local/bin/lazy.ttf

I tried to accomplish the same with “parts” but so far failed.

In my case I have assets folder (as sub-folder of the source directory). Here’s my syntax in .yaml:

parts: images: source: assets/ source-type: local plugin: dump organize: ‘*’: /usr/local/bin/assets/

When application tries to load an image from there, it fails:

File NOT found: /usr/local/bin/assets/beginner@2x.png File NOT found: /usr/local/bin/assets/beginner.png

Can you please advise how do I map “assets” with all its content to /usr/local/bin/assets for snap to use, using “parts”?

Thank you.

You map the path the same way you did for the lazy.ttf but using bind instead of bind-file (because you want the whole directory):

    bind: $SNAP/usr/local/bin/assets
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