"Batsignal" for confinement, autoconnect, aliases, tracks, channels requests


What’d be a good way to poke reviewers and architects to review and cast votes on those requests, so we don’t keep requesters waiting endlessly?

In Track request for subiquity: artful I’ve already noted the voting period has expired without needed votes. The process notes an extension can be requested but doesn’t say how, nor how an extension would help if for some reason the voters miss the fact that the topic is awaiting action.

I’m happy to @ individual reviewers and/or architects when it’s been a while with no action but I recognize we may be busy or otherwise unavailable so don’t want to unilaterally do so without first checking with folks that this is OK to do.

Let me know!

  • Daniel

I think it’s OK to do some @ tagging to reviewers/architects if we find requests have lingered. We all get busy and things fall below the fold.

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If the initial voting period is over, I’ve been trying to ping a subset (strive for mostly different each time) of reviewers via @… directly, which works well. For the few times when the extension expires, I then start pinging on IRC. Personally, I don’t see a need to go beyond this escalation process, but am open to other ideas.

There’s an “Invite” button which can be used as well, that would reduce traffic a bit. A nice alternative that could sometimes be used before an explicit call out.

Thanks @sergiusens! “invite” sounds quite inobtrusive, I’ll use that as a first invocation next time.