Avoid first use set-up process for Ubuntu-Core images

Hello Team,

As mentioned in https://docs.ubuntu.com/core/en/guides/build-device/image-building under “Known problems and limitations” section that
You need a monitor or a serial cable plugged to the device to be able to go through the first use setup process handled by console-conf.

Is there any alternative method or ideas which help to avoid this set-up process? The context is to use ubuntu-core images in production environment for embedded devices. If that initial setup process is required then it would incur significant cost.

Any help would be appreciated here.

Note that such a setup is only necessary if one needs to obtain shell access to the device. All the services loaded onto the image will still fire up, so unless your users actually need to be able to obtain shell access, they don’t need to worry about the setup process at all.

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Thanks Kyrofa for explaining the concepts for set-up process.

@morphis gave me a link to a script a few months ago, It is really useful for configuration of an image and it shows how to disable console-conf if you need to do so.

That’s handy @cratliff, thank you for sharing!