Automated reviews and snapcraft < 2.38


@jdstrand I just ran into this issue, build log available here:

Given it’s built by the build-system I have not medled with the squashfs myself, the only hunch I have is that I have a custom prime step that adds a file. Could that cause issues like this?

Any suggestions on how to debug?


It is probably the second error that is causing both problems:

  • Error:found errors in file output: unusual mode ‘rwsr-xr-x’ for entry ‘./bin/fusermount’, file type ‘c’ not allowed (./dev/fuse)

The resquash test is run as non-root, so when the snap is unsquashed, dev/fuse won’t be created and bin/fusermount will not have the setuid bit set, so when it is squashed and compared, dev/fuse is missing and bin/fusermount is 0755, so there is a checksum mismatch.

I suggest removing dev/fuse and bin/fusermount before mksquash (‘organize’ in your snapcraft.yaml can help with the bin/fusermount removal; you might have to play around with override-* to get rid of dev/fuse (@sergiusens may be able to help if you get stuck)).


Thank you for your swift response on this, and you are of course right.

Fixed it with these bits:

    override-stage: |
      snapcraftctl stage
      chmod 0755 bin/fusermount
        - -dev
      - $exclude

I may have run into a issue with the fuse-support interface, but i’ll address that in a appropriate topic.