Automated builds causing failed build request

I’ve been noticing that fwupd snaps aren’t building anymore now for the last 2 days.

" 3 hours ago (The top level of snapcraft.yaml from HEAD is not a mapping) "

I’m not sure what that means.

This is the file:

I’ve passed it through some YAML lint stuff such as and and it seems fine. Not sure why it doesn’t like it now.

It doesn’t look like a yaml linting issue to me, but infrastructural. A wild guess that that something python-ish inside launchpad is freaking out because your snap/snapcraft.yaml is a symlink, not a file. But that’s just a guess. I expect @cjwatson or @wgrant might know more about this part of the stack.

Yes, as it happens I diagnosed this problem a few hours before @superm1’s post based on failure emails I’d been getting, and filed a bug.

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Thanks for confirming and debugging. For now we’ll just switch to a flat file upstream until the symlink thing is sorted.