Autoconnect request for Inamata Flasher for raw-usb interface

Our Snap application Inamata Flasher allows users to flash their microcontroller (ESP32 and variants) with firmware that connects to our SaaS product. Currently users have to manually connect the raw-usb interface without which the tool does not work.

It would be great if the connection is done automatically as this would

  • avoid users having to use the terminal and enter the command manually
  • the user expects that a flashing app has access to their USB interfaces

The app is open source, so that it can be audited if required ( and an overview of the service is provided on the system overview page.

Optionally, the app also uses the password-manager-service to store long lived user tokens. I understand that this is a sensitive interface as in theory it provides access to all passwords (AFAIK) which is why I’d mainly focus on automatically connecting raw-usb if that were possible.

Agree with the use-case of the snap. +1 on auto-connect to raw-usb interface

+1 from me for auto-connect of raw-usb interface to inamata-flasher snap.

I wouldn’t have thought that people flashing firmware onto microcontrollers would be unable to manually connecting an interface on the terminal (important because this is not the case for all snap audiences), but I also agree that it seems reasonable to be auto-connected for this particular usecase. +1 to raw-usb.

-1 for password-manager-service though, as you point out: this is highly sensitive.

-1 from me as well for auto-connect of the password-manager-service interface due to sensitivity as you and @dclane have mentioned.

For password-manager-service: 0 votes for, 2 against. Not granting auto-connection.

For raw-usb: +3 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of interface raw-usb to snap inamata-flasher. This is now live.

Thanks for the update!

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