Autoconnect Krita to kde-frameworks-5-core18

A new release of Krita is out and I’d like to use the kde-neon extension since it fixes a bunch of bugs and greatly improves snap size and startup time. However, this means it needs to be auto-connected to the kde-frameworks-5-core18 snap.

Can you please autoconnect krita to kde-frameworks-5-core18? Thanks!

This request is similar to Autoconnect ksnip to kde-frameworks-5-core18 and

-1 to auto-connect for the same reasons.

@galgalesh - please see Autoconnect ksnip to kde-frameworks-5-core18 for paths forward. It might be that kde decides to pursue global auto-connection, but if not, there are paths forward for you as well.

Per Autoconnect 'office20' and 'abstractgames' to kde-frameworks-5-core18, kde is planning on requesting a global auto-connect. When that is granted, this request will no longer be required.

This is no longer needed now that global auto-connect has been granted: Allow Global auto connect for kde-frameworks-5-core18