Autoconnect info message on installing core (stable)

Just installed core for the first time on a new (refurb) computer running a fresh Ubuntu 17.04 install, got the following error message afterwards (I used the command sudo snap install 0ad ; sudo snap install libreoffice, the first command errored out because the snap is called play0ad (oops) but then core installed with the second command), why does this happen?

2017-08-05T09:33:59+01:00 INFO cannot auto connect core:core-support-plug to core:core-support: (slot auto-connection), existing connection state "core:core-support-plug core:core-support" in the way

$ snap version
snap    2.26.14
snapd   2.26.14
series  16
ubuntu  17.04
kernel  4.10.0-19-generic
$ snap list
Name         Version     Rev   Developer  Notes
core         16-2.26.14  2462  canonical  -
libreoffice     21    canonical  -

i dont see an error anywhere … just a message starting with “INFO” :slight_smile:

Corrected the title, but I don’t expect to see anything other than libreoffice from 'canonical' installed so what’s going on here?

The core snap is the execution environment for all your snaps, it is always installed and all your snaps run inside it …

When it is updated (or automatically installed because you install your very first snap) it simply prints this info message, thats about it … I think @zyga-snapd was looking into quietening the message in the future because it confuses people …

The message is long gone but the release is not out yet (2.27)

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