Autoconnect/greedy plug request for gtk-theme-pop

I’m making this request in relation to automatic theme installation for the Pop OS GTK theme. I’d like to request the following changes:

allow any snap to auto-connect to the gtk-theme-pop snap icon-themes, gtk-2-themes,and gtk-3-themes slots. update the declaration for gtk-theme-pop snap to allow greedy connection to its icon-themes, gtk-2-themes, and gtk-3-themes slots.

As with the similar request in Auto-connect and greedy plug behaviour for gtk-theme-yaru-mate and icon-theme-yaru-mate I have vetted both the snap and the publisher.

Looking at the current gtk-theme-pop snap it only appears to contain images (including Windows ico and cur files), css, GTK resource / gtkrc files etc and the snap yaml only declares the content slots as named above, there are no hooks/daemons/apps etc.

The publisher has been vetted so +1 from me for global auto-connect with greedy plugs for gtk-theme-pop.

In the interest of expedience, I have gone ahead and granted this with just my +1 vote - can other @reviewers please chime in if you feel this is inappropriate and please vote so if needed we can revert this ASAP.

+1 from me too for gtk-theme-pop.

+1 from me too for auto-connect with greedy plugs for gtk-theme-pop, given its contents and content slot declarations.