Autoconnect for visualboyadvance-m

So I’ve been receiving requests to have joysticks enabled for visualboyadvance-m. I would have had made this request sooner but priorities with other projects I work on kinda took a lot of my time.

As an emulator project, joystick support is greatly a need for those that don’t want to use keyboard controls. And while I am aware that one could connect it manually on the users end. Having it autoconnect would solve this problem and allow users to be able to just load up something and get to gaming with next to no fuss.

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+1 from me - the entire purpose of this snap is a gaming emulator and so joystick auto-connection is expected and unsurprising for users.

+1 from me too.

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Requirement is understood and makes sense. +1 from me as well for auto-connect of joystick interface for visualboyadvance-m snap.

I’m going to go ahead and fast track this request. +3 votes for already and there are lots of precedents for joystick being auto-connected (eg: lutris, steam).

Granted auto-connect of joystick to visualboyadvance-m. This is now live.

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Thank you. I very much appreciate it.