Auto-connection request for Umami (camera)


I just realized that one feature has never worked on umami because we did not had the camera plug enable. It’s about QR code scanning: you browse some site with your mobile, need to pair your wallet with this website: it shows a QR code that you can scan with your desktop app.

We are about to release the v0.8.7 where I fixed the issue and added camera plug, which works when manually connected via snap connect umami:camera :camera (

I also updated the app description in order to explicitly mention the camera thing.

  • dApp interaction through deeplinks, manual request signing and QR code scanning (via webcam)

Would you enable auto-connection for camera for umami snap?

Hi. We’ve just release the 0.8.7 (see

Since QR code scanning is not a core feature of this snap, and the use of webcam may have some privacy concerns, I wonder whether this is better left manually connected? Would it be possible for this snap to try and detect if the interface is connected when the user goes to scan a QR code and if not, prompt them to connect it via a dialog or similar?

Yes, it could be a way to do it.

And I understand the concern, but it actually fully makes sens if we can disconnect the plug after the scan is done. Except that it will be terrible UX to ask for password twice, so we are not going to do that.

People just need a physical switch for webcam and mics :man_shrugging:

Also, I am pretty sure that any other distribution form won’t have the camera restriction. I think the macos and windows version of our app does not prompt anything when using the camera. deb and rpm version probably does not either.

That being said, it would be okay if camera is not auto-connected, I am just unsure about how relevant it is.

Feel free to close this topic if you really prefer not to enable the auto-connection.


This is indeed correct and related to the strong security/privacy confinement snaps are built with compared to other packaging/distribution systems.

Accessing the camera is indeed a user privacy concern and if this is not a core snap feature, I agree with @alexmurray and prefer to leave this as a manual connection instead.

Fair point.

Thank you both.

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