Auto-connection request for gpio interface

pigpio is a daemon for the raspberry pi that I created, it wraps WAMP protocol based RPCs and subscribes around the GPIO pins on the RaspberryPi, allowing for remote control of the pins. The software is pretty useless without the gpio interface connection. Can I get that auto-connected for my snap ?

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sidenote/bragging: I have been using that daemon on a RaspberryPi 2 using UbuntuCore18 for a home-automation project and believe that to be something of use for others as well.

The gpio interface currently doesn’t work like that. At present it can only be exposed via gadget snaps (which can also auto-connect them). The dynamic hotplugging feature (cc @ps) has recently landed and the gpio interface is on the list for enabling so that you can use this interface on classic, along with standard auto-connections.

Do do you know if that feature has landed ?

I know that it has not landed yet. Also I think @jdstrand meant to ping @pstolowski