Auto connection request for easy-installer

/e/ OS is an open source operating system project for smartphones. It’s aim is to be an operating system that is independent of Apple and Google’ closed ecosystems. The project founder is Gaël Duval (creator of Mandriva Linux).

easy-installer is a snap that allows people to flash their select smartphones to /e/ OS ( In simpler terms its a similar tool (in purpose) like UBPorts Installer.

This is a request to allow auto-connect for adb-support and raw-usb interfaces.

adb-support is required because the installer runs the adb tool to detect devices. raw-usb is required because the installer also executes heimdall flash tool as a subprocess which requires access to /sys/bus/usb/devices/ (and maybe other paths).

Fortunately though, it seems ubports-installer also has auto-connect permissions for this interfaces.

Note: I am a “collaborator” of that snap, however it was uploaded by the “owners” themselves.

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Thanks for the request. It does indeed look like the application in question mirrors very similarly with the functionality of the ubports installer. As such, it will indeed need the requested interfaces. +1 from me.

+1 from me, the requested interfaces make sense and the nature of the software is such that it’s a reasonable assumption /implication so users aren’t caught by surprise.

  • Daniel

Thank you @om26er for the request! Giving those permissions will be really helpful to achieve the target of the project, and give to everyone the possibility to install easily an alternative OS on their smartphone. Thank you in advance!

Romain (developer on /e/ project)

Whilst raw-usb is privileged it would be appropriate in this case so +1 from me for both raw-usb and adb-support for easy-installer

+1 for me as well. These accesses are typical for applications of this nature.

4 votes for, 0 against. Granting auto-connection to both. This is now live.