Auto-connection request for deskconn

My snap deskconn need to auto connect to runtime-dir interface provided by the crossbar snap.

I am the upstream for both snaps

Here is a pull request that added runtime-dir interface to crossbar snap

+1 from me as reviewer though we’ll need to wait for more eyes on this from reviewers (similar to Auto-connection request for deskconnd)

Also, cross-publisher auto-connects are somewhat tricky, I’d like Jamie’s take on that.



We allow auto-connection for snaps that are the same publisher. crossbar’s publisher is different from deskconn, gpiod and piconn (which are all the same).

@om26er - you said you are the publisher of the crossbar snap, can you comment?

@roadmr - we have methods for allowing autoconnect in this manner. So long as @om26er is the publisher of crossbar, I’m +1.

I am the upstream of crossbar i.e. I maintain the crossbar snap and I am a collaborator of that snap. It is “owned” by GmbH, my employer. Also all the changes to snap packaging for crossbar are authored by me

@om26er - thanks for the additional information.

Since you are (effectively) the same publisher, I have granted auto-connect to deskconn (and deskconnd and piconn). This is now live. Please verify the auto-connect is working correctly as well as auto-connection for the socket directories these snaps provide.