Auto-connecting the removable-media interface for keepassxc

Please could the removable-media interface be auto-connected for keepassxc? At the moment, you can’t save password databases to, or access password databases on, USB sticks etc out-of-the-box, which makes for a bad user experience imho (especially since you can’t currently connect interfaces via any software center).

Upstream asked me to make this request after I filed the Issue on their issue tracker.

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Also there’s a keepassxc:raw-usb line in snap interfaces but this doesn’t seem to give me access to my USB stick after I connect it to :raw-usb.

removable-media doesn’t seem necessary for keepassxc to provide what seems to me to be a fine out-of-the-box experience (saving keys in e.g. the home directory), and if one needs to use external media one can connect it. I’m -1 on this.

For the reasons @kyrofa mentioned, -1 to autoconnect.

0 votes for, 2 against. Auto-connection not granted.

Thanks for voting :blush: