Auto-connecting the camera interface for the Scratux app

Hi! I’m currently the main developer of Scratux and I would like to request auto-connection of the camera interface for the snap app.

It is an option for drawing custom sprites and some users have already reported that they would want to use this feature. This is an important issue since users expect to be working out of the box.


Any thoughts? @reviewers

Sorry that I saw this just now (it used the ‘store’ category instead of ‘store-requests’; I adjusted the topic just now)

I’m unfamiliar with Scratux but looking at the github page, it lookes like this is a drawing application capable of taking a picture that can then be edited.

I’m disinclined to vote in favor of auto-connection since this application a) the camera doesn’t appear to be core functionality and b) the application is geared towards children. Instead of auto-connecting the interface, I suggest you update your instructions to connect the interface if the functionality is desired and adjust your snap to, at the time of camera access, if you get a permission denied for the camera access, determine if the camera interface is connected and then inform the user of the necessary steps to connect the interface (eg, snap-store gui, cli command, etc).

-1 for auto-connection. @reviewers - can others please vote?

@reviewers - can others please vote?

“Scratux is a block-based visual programming language targeted primarily at children.” - since the camera functionality, while important, is not the core functionality of the application, and given the target audience with which we must be extra careful regarding privacy, I’m also -1 to auto-connection - the suggested pattern of detecting the functionality and asking the user to connect manually is reasonable, and also a pattern we consistently recommend. A “please ask the adult to do this” thing will probably be appreciated as being privacy-minded.

  • Daniel

-1 from me too for auto-connect camera on Scratux for the reasons outlined by @jdstrand and @roadmr above. I also like @roadmr’s suggestion of using asking an adult to perform the connection too.

0 votes for, 3 against for granting auto-connection. Not granting auto-connection for camera.