Auto-connecting interfaces for easy-openvpn snap

Hi guys
I’d like to request two interfaces auto-connection for easy-openvpn snap.

  • firewall-control: we need it to setup firewall rules and reroute traffic via iptables.
  • network-control: we need it to grant read/write access to TUN/TAP device(/dev/net/tun)

The relevant snapcraft.yaml file can be found here:


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These two interfaces seem natural and appropriate for easy-openvpn. +1

@mvo @niemeyer We need another vote on this according to Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks Can you guys look and give a vote? Thanks.

Makes sense to me, +1

@jdstrand Given that we have two +1’s and we’re close the end of the period of a week can you implement the snap-declaration tomorrow? Thanks!

As tomorrow is the end of the voting period, if there are no votes against, yes, I will implement this tomorrow.

Both interfaces sound reasonable and implied by the snap name. +1 too.

3 votes for, 0 against, 0 abstained. Granting the snap declaration. This is live now.

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